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Wildlife Management Plans

Establishing short term objectives and long term goals is the starting point for any WMP.  Using a scientific-based approach BRE can help you manage your property to meet the needs of all parties involved in a fair and balanced way. BRE must always start the process by performing a complete background analysis of the property in question. This would include but not be limited to:


(1)  Direct communication with people past and
       present knowledgeable with the site
       under scrutiny;
(2) Review of all local and state maps;
(3) Review of NJDEP Landscape Project maps;(4) Aerial Map review to get a sense of where the
        project fits within the greater landscape;  
(5) Review of Natural Heritage and NJDEP
       Landscape rare species database for the site
       under review;


Most importantly BRE will require a thorough in-field site assessment of the property in order to establish a complete natural resource inventory. This of course will become the basis for all future wildlife management decisions moving forward.
Understanding the main objective(s) is the first step in developing a WMP that balances your goals with what the landscape has to offer. Working with natural landscapes is complicated and requires people with the expertise to balance the ecological constraints of a property with a desired outcome.

BRE has experience in species specific habitat improvement, fishery development, upland game management, forest stewardship, and conservation management of land,  so no matter what your long or short term goals are we can help.

No matter what your objective is BRE always takes a defined holistic approach that fulfills your ultimate management goal while attempting to increase the biodiversity index of the site.

Services we provide under this heading:

·         Damage control planning

·         Pest species exclusion plans & programs

·         Game species surveys & population estimating

·         Habitat evaluation, enhancement &
        modification programs

·         Nuisance population reduction programs