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Wetland and Floodplain Analysis

“When we jeopardize a freshwater wetlands integrity – its physical, chemical, and biological elements and processes – we compromise its ability to support species and provide the products and services we depend on, services such as controlling floods, purifying water, recharging aquifers, restoring soil fertility, supporting  recreation, nurturing fisheries, and supporting evolution.  Once nature can no longer provide, we most either do without, or try to substitute, usually much less effectively and a much higher cost”.


From: Imperiled Waters, Impoverished Future

Janet N. Abramovitz  


Wetland and Floodplain Analysis


In a country where over of half of the technically-defined wetland landscapes have been lost, Federal and State laws have been adopted in order to assure that the remaining-wetlands and the ecological free services they provide  persist unharmed.

In New Jersey laws are on the books that protect the many different types of these specialized wetland resources.  Each type of wetland has its own unique quality and array of natural ingredients that sets them apart from one another.  Incorporated within the fabric of wetland mosaics are specific soil, hydrology, vegetative and ecological community therein - inherent diversity parameters dictate specialized expertise necessary to identify their jurisdictional limits. 

For situations in which land use is proposed for a wetland and/or floodplain area,  BRE has the experience and knowledge to act as an agent for any entity that seeks to determine the jurisdictional limits of these specialized land elements.  The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is the government agency responsible for the enforcement of these limits and sets forth the appropriate buffer size when a change of use comes in contact with wetland habitat. Our staff has extensive training in wetland science and delineation.  BRE adheres to the standards as outlined in the Army Corps of Engineers, NJDEP, and EPA guidelines when performing wetland assessments.

BRE can provide the full range of services necessary for the delineation of freshwater wetland and floodplains.  BR Environmental has been involved in the identification and delineation of jurisdictional wetlands for over 20 years. BRE can perform all the in-field data collection, procedures,  and administrative requirements necessary to complete the detailed process of a Letter of Interpretation (LOI) .  An LOI is the tool that the NJDEP Land Use Element requires to determine the wetland demarcation limits essential to your project.

Spadefoot Toad

(A 3)


Diamondback Terrapin
(R 4)

Green-wing teals in Flight

(B 11) 

 Highland Cattle in Wetland Fen
(HB -3)
 Wood Duck in Marsh
(B 12)
(HB 1)
Atlantic White Cedar Swamp
(HB 2)