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Wild Bones of New Jersey

"The earth has music for those who listen"

George Santayana

Ever since my childhood I’ve had a fascination with bones. Remnants of their former selves, bones all too often tell a story. The life and death struggles to survive can be understood in the bones left behind. A hint as to the life history of the life form is often revealed by the position and condition of the ossified relic.

Having amassed a significant collection of skulls found in the hills, marshes, and dales of the garden state you’ll learn firsthand how these animals operate just by reading the morphology (structure) of their bones. We’ll emphasize the animal’s skeletal system while displaying the subject’s physical picture on screen during the program. In the off chance you catch the life in this program of death the process of maceration (the cleaning of bones) will be touched upon for those wishing to start their own collection.

Program Information:


  Approximately 45 min




Titmouse Tibia/ Cooper Hawk Strike

(B 31)

Deer Skull in bed of Bloodroot
(M 8)
Beaver Skull and Fern
(M 9) 

Lower Jaw Bone Skunk on Coltsfoot

(M 10)