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Ridge and Valley Geophysiographic Province – An Ecological Perspective

"Come forth into the light of things and let Nature be your teacher"

William Wordsworth

Nestled in the northwest corner of New Jersey lies a swath of land so unique in geology that many of the life forms found there required co-evolutions skilled hands to allow them in. The Ridge and Valley Geophysiographic Province is a timeless masterpiece where scenic beauty lays the perfect backdrop for the diversity of life forms that call it home.

For my money this portion of the Garden State is New Jersey's crown jewel of natural wonderment. Peter's Valley, Sunrise Mountain Road, Buttermilk Falls, and the Flat Brook River are located in the Ridge and Valley - parcels of peaceful solitude that take the visitor back-in time to a world more at pace with itself.

This program explores the natural history of the Ridge and Valley's leading edge that stretches from Northern New Jersey south west into Alabama. These curious formations are the remnants of an ancient fold-and-thrust belt, west of the mountain core that formed in the Allegheny Mountain series. Glacial bogs, long meadow valley's and steep talus slopes create special habitats for a wide array of flora and fauna to reside


This one hour Power Point presentation will be of interest to anyone who thinks that the Garden State is only characterized by its oil refineries and routinely congested route 95 interstate.  The Ridge and Valley is an overlooked wonderland of natural treasures that even the average New Jersey residents seldom visits. Timber rattlesnakes, black bear, goshawks and bobcats all call this province home. I hope to excite you into visiting the many natural areas where the photography I share during this presentation was attained.


Program Information:


 Approximately 1 hour




Common Yellowthroat

(B 38)

Rattle Snake Plantain in Fall

(P 3)


Pie-billed Grebe - State Endangered
(B 34)
Kittatinny Mountain and Snow
(S 5)
Sunset Sky over Ferla's Pond
(S 6)
Snowy Owl - Occasional Visitor to Ridge and Valley
(B 35)
 American Redstart Full Song

(B 37)

Bumblebee deep in the Nectaries 
of Bottle Gentian

(I 11)