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Great Swamp through the seasons

“I go to swamps to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put back in order”

John Burroughs

Precariously surrounded by 10 ten towns, spanning the course of 2 counties, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge remains a biodiversity hot spot in a state of 8 million strong.


This program takes the viewer on a natural history tour through the seasons of one of New Jersey's greatest unsung natural treasures. Our journey condenses the manifestation of 20,000 years of geologic underpinning into a an hour Power Point Presentation sure to convince you that presently  the "Greatest of Swamps"  is not just mud!


As the seasons change on the refuge so do the natural denizens that call this "sanctum sanctorum" home (Thoreau reference) . Through a photographic panoply of images Blaine will take you to the inner-most recesses of the refuge in the hopes that any preconceived notions of  a swamp be dispelled.  The programs main characters are its flora and fauna with their  fascinating and  purposeful interactions that eloquently weave a fabric of ecologic integrity that is second to none.  


The program is geared for all age groups and is intended to solicit visitation to refuge.


Program Information:


  Approximately 1 hour  





     Blue-grey Gnatcatcher Stealing Silk
(B 27)

 Black Racer

(R 8)

Great Swamp     -  Passaic River 


Scarlet Tanager
(B 25)
Grey Tree Frog Metamorph on Cardinal Flower 
(A 7) 
Spotted Sand Piper Preent
(B 26)
Io Moth

(I 11)

 Great Swamp Sunset Clouds

 (S 3)