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Confessions of a Wildlife Photographer

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”  

 Ralph Waldo Emerson


Have you ever wondered how wildlife photographers get pictures of voles, moles, and shrews that live the majority of their lives in a subterranean state? What technique did I deploy to get that picture of a swooping great horned  owl? How do people in my trade get images of animals that are rarely ever seen in the wild – like the marbled salamanders  and cerulean warblers?  All will be revealed during this one hour presentation. I will bring the actual accoutrements of the trade for all to touch, see,  and feel first hand.

The use of photography blinds, infrared slaves, setup tanks and specialty field equipment will be discussed. I will explain the proper use of baits and calling devices used by people in the trade that allow us to get those full frame shots. Designed to be strictly entertaining this program is all about the fun of the chase. This program is indeed a confessional intended to make you say “No kidding – so that’s how they do it”.



Program Information:


Approximately 1 hour





Blaine 80 feet in Canopy High-reach Bucket

Cerulean Warbler  (State  Species of Special Concern)

Image Taken from High Reach Machine

In Canopy

(B 24)


Blaine Photographing in Snow

 Boat-tailed Grackles Displaying
(B 22)

Praying Mantis and Monarch Butterfly

(I 10)

Northern Harrier in Flight

(B 23)