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Biodiversity Celebration – NJ’s Best Kept Secret

“The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts.”

Aldo Leopold

Blaine Rothauser, a professional environmental consultant, wildlife and landscape photographer will help explain, in incredible photographic detail, why the fourth smallest state, boasting the greatest population for its size, ranks tops in species diversity.

We're not just talking raccoon's and robins! We’re talking about plants that eat meat and salamanders that breed under ice, frogs that crystallize and snakes that feign death. A state where biodiversity from the north meets its southern limits and southern species meet their northern limits – a clash of the biologic titans that causes a diversity windfall for all those stalwart naturalists who care to take a peak. A bastion state where 78 species of threatened and endangered animals find safe haven. Along the way we will learn how the 5 geophysiographic provinces make it all happen. This is a must see program for geologists, environmental consultants, and academics looking to further their knowledge of New Jersey’s vast natural landscape’s and how it relates to endemic biodiversity.


Mr. Rothauser is a Professional Wildlife and Landscape Photographer whose photographs have been exhibited throughout the state and have been published in calendars, magazines, books, NJ Department of Environmental Protection resources,  environmental newsletters and websites.

Junco on Crabapple in Snowstorm

(B 21)

Fiery Searcher Beetle

(I 9)


(R 7)


Willow Flycatcher 

(B 20)