Image Information

This website contains selected examples from a data base of thousands of images. The majority of the images were taken in New Jersey representing the incredible diversity of the state’s natural history. These images are available for licensed use in print or electronic publications.

Licensing fees are based on intended use, circulation, image size, and placement. Fees are negotiated based on one-time use unless otherwise discussed.  Multi image use can result in better pricing arrangements. Images on this site are low resolution and copyrighted – use of these images for any purpose is prohibited. Images are available as high-resolution digital files, high-end digital capture, or film scan at high resolution. Slide transparencies are available for review from images taken between 1988 and 2001.

 The following price list is based on a one time non-exclusive right purchase. If you wish to buy the exclusive rights to an image please call our office at any time to discuss the specific image and price.

              Prints:                                           Double Matted &  Framed:

          8.5” X 11” =  $70.00                     8.5” X 11” =  $350.00

       11” X 17”  =   $100.00                   11” X 17" =   $425.00

                                                                           13” X 19” =  $150.00                   13” X 19” =     $500.00 

To request a specific image on the site email us the image code that is found underneath each image.

Email all photo requests to