"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair".

Khalil Gibran

  New Jersey is the unsung capital of biodiversity in the world. A lofty assertion I know. But consider the fact that New Jersey is a peninsula with rivers, bays, estuaries and barrier islands surrounding it on  three sides. Recognize that our state has Highlands backboned in granite, swamps that take ten towns to encircle it, barrens upon barrens of pines that fill its southern confines, estuaries and salt marshes that run the length of its eastern edge and well, you get the picture. This diversity of landscape sets forth a procession of natural diversity creating an endless source of opportunity for naturalists, geologists, and outdoor enthusiasts willing to explore its nooks and crannies. BRE’s associates have a long standing intimacy with these hidden worlds and are more than willing to share their passion with anyone who seeks to know more about what makes the natural integument of New Jersey so special. BRE’s goal is to provide a unique natural history experience that goes beyond the generalist walk in the woods. We welcome any group: academic, civic, club-based, etc. with the desire to be awe-inspired by the deeper recesses of the “natural-state” of our “garden-state” to grant us the opportunity to design a program that fits your curriculum. If you have a particular area in New Jersey you are looking for professional naturalists to lead a hike, say for example the diabase slopes of the Palisades, or a shrub/carr pond in the Ridge and Valley province, or maybe the teaming Delta of Cape May - we can provide your group with a unique infield learning experience designed to maximize your understanding of the inherent biodiversity within.


BRE can organize a trip taking care of all the logistics – travel, food, specialty equipment, protections (bug sprays, medical kits, etc.). For longer trips we can organize and provide for lodging and other necessary accommodations. Please call us during normal business hours to discuss your specific project, costs, and logistics. (201)- 919-0097

Individuals seeking private photography opportunities (do you need that full frame photo of the cerulean warbler?) or natural history tours are welcome to call us anytime!


Examples of Past Natural History Field Hikes:


·         All day kayak trip down the 
          Oswego River (Pine Barrens)  
            rare plants, rare amphibians,
             reptiles, dragonflies,
·         Nocturnal Moth Survey/  Troy
          Meadows – Using high intensity
           vapor lamps over 100 species of
           Lepidoptera’s can be seen in a
            single evening in June. This is a
            one of a kind experience for
             those who enjoy nature at its
             most novel and richest
·         Morning Hikes through back
          trails of the Great Swamp and
          Wallkill  National Wildlife
·         Evening Vernal Pond forays to
           some of the most active
           ecological wonderlands in the
            state – North and South Jersey
·         Shore bird excursions to private
          back bays and estuaries off
          limits to the public without
          special invitation
·         Fens of the North Jersey – we’ve
          baptized more than a few
          people in Warren and Sussex
          County’s most precious habitats
           – rare flora, fauna and beautiful
            landscapes await those who
            just have to ask.

Rosy Maple Moth on Goldenrod

 (I 21)


Bufflehead    *    Keyport  NJ

 (B 42)



Natural History Walk Passaic River


Group Tour of Conservation Management Area


Moth Survey Night


 Outward Bound

Kestrel in Flight
(B 40)

Passaic River Fog during Canoe Trip 


Polyphemus Moth up close and Personel

(I 20)

Prairie Warbler Singing during Spring Bird Trip
(B 41)

Neil Nappe holding a Bog Turtle
 on a Tour of Fen in North Jersey

Neil Nappe is one of New Jersey's Premier Wildlife

Feel free to be astonished by visitng his website at