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"When all of the trees have been cut down, when the animals have all been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when the air is unsafe to breath, only then will you discover that you can't eat money"
Cree Prophecy

All associates of the firm have reputations as stalwart preservationists throughout the environmental community at large.  BRE’s staff has a deep-rooted commonality  in the natural sciences fostered from an early age, gaining a wealth of natural history and practical field experience through working with (federal and state fish and wildlife agencies),  State and Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered and Nongame Species Program of New Jersey, Conserve Wildlife Foundation, and various environmental consulting firms. Our entire staff has a firm grasp of New Jersey’s geography, biodiversity, ecologic underpinnings and regulations that govern them.   In response to thousands of hours afield throughout New Jersey’s many landscapes our associates have submitted hundreds of rare species reports that have been incorporated into the state-wide database of the Natural Heritage Program. Many report sightings have bolstered the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protections “Landscape Project” by admission into their “Biotics” database - the Department's repository for rare species sightings used during the regulatory process. Without species documentation, the land development community, citizens, and environmental consultants too often rely on incomplete information resulting in the destruction of rare species habitat.


It would be misleading to think of BRE as a preservationist group only. We welcome all entities that require professional and knowledgeable land use experts seeking advice and understanding of applicable land use laws to grant us the opportunity to aid you through the process.  BRE is a staunch proponent of adhering to a higher standard of due diligence at the onset of a project  as it will save the client unnecessary back-end costs.  Working with a firm like ours with an established reputation for doing things right from the beginning will assuage your fear of timely and costly delays throughout the procedure.

We tell all our perspective clients that “cheap is expensive,” as it pertains to environmental consulting work. All too often clients realize the hard way that hastily submitted, expedited project is always a costly project. BRE looks after the client’s best interest using experience gained while working on many prior assignments directly with and for governmental agencies. Putting the natural landscape, ecology, and environmental constraints inherent to the project first is always paramount. Doing so within the guidelines of the regulating bodies associated with a project always results in the best interest of the client and for the environment.



Dr. Emile Devito, Blaine Rothauser,

Dr. Ned Kirby


Garter Snake and Spicebush Bloom





Marsh Wren

Bog Copper Butterfly

Black Skimmer - State Endangered - Mouth Agape