" Nature is just enough, but men and women must comprehend and accept her suggestions"

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

BR Environmental, LLC (BRE) is an environmental consulting firm dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity in  New Jersey. We are a group of environmental and wetland ­­scientists, biologists, and naturalists with a vast wealth of experience in New Jersey’s unique landscapes and accompanying natural diversity. Our staff is well-versed in understanding state and federal regulations pertaining to wetlands, floodplains, rare flora and fauna. We are intimately familiar with the rules and regulations imposed by the Coastal Ares Federal Regulation Act (CAFRA), the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act, and the Pinelands Preservation Act. The firm’s goal is to provide the private sector, public sector, and grass roots environmental organizations with the necessary tools to navigate through complicated state and federal regulations. BRE’s objective is to guide the client through these directives while maintaining the integrity of the landscape to which the laws apply. As regulations, policies, and the science change our staff updates our knowledge base to keep pace with these changes in order to provide the client with the most up-to-date advice and quality of service.

BRE’s primary focus is landscape ecology. State and federal regulation is the guideline we  use for the majority of projects under examination. When in review of a project BRE makes every attempt to promote the tenets of New Jersey’s State Wildlife Action Plan during the decision making and permitting process.  BRE is always looking for ways to enhance a project's conservation potential above the minimum standards required by the governing agencies  This is the standard that sets BRE apart from other consulting groups with similar portfolios.

The firm's approach is simple: only work with clients whose sole focus is obtaining net gains to environmental capital under their stewardship. BRE is looking for clients whose primary emphasis is based on best management design when no other alternative is practicable. The majority of our clients have been those with the will to question the agents of developers whose chief objective is to “fast-track” projects at the expense of environmental regulation and foresight.


 Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Osprey in Flight

 Juvenile Raccoons

American Toads